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, a well known kumpulan lagu dan soundtrack producer in Jakarta, was once featured as the 'Kumpulan Rinto' on One of the major music TV channel, TBS. His Band or Group name is 'Barong Buara'. So far there's 1 music video of this group's works.PROJECT SUMMARY The long-term goal of this proposal is to understand the genetic and epigenetic basis of human aging and longevity. The work will focus on a signaling pathway that controls longevity in roundworms, C. elegans. Long-lived mutant worms live up to three times the expected lifespan, and a genetic modifier gene can extend lifespan from 20% to almost 100% of the normal lifespan. The R04 proposal will provide insight into the genetic and epigenetic basis of long-lived mutants, leading to a better understanding of the biological causes of human aging. The objectives of the proposal are: (1) to identify genes that affect longevity, (2) to determine how these genes influence lifespan, and (3) to understand how genes work to increase or decrease longevity. In the first aim, we will perform a forward genetic screen for genes that affect the long-lived phenotype. We will use transgenic RNAi to knock down genes of interest, and will measure the lifespan of the worms. These mutations will be validated in the genetic background of both long-lived and short-lived mutants, and assayed for multiple measures of longevity. This approach should lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms that control longevity, and will provide insight into the roles that these genes play in human aging. In the second aim, we will examine whether a particular gene influences longevity by regulating the activity of a particular gene product, or by affecting the function of an alternative gene product. We will take advantage of known genetic interactions between several long-lived genes to test the second model, and will also perform RNAi experiments to test for the involvement of specific gene products. In the third aim, we will test whether long-lived genes work via the insulin-like signaling pathway. We will identify genes that mediate the effects of long-lived mutations and perform forward genetic screens for mutants that act downstream of long-lived genes. We will then test the roles of these genes in aging, using RNAi, and the effects of single and multiple gene inactivations. These experiments will lead to a better understanding of how insulin-like signaling affects longevity.The FBI, in collaboration with local authorities, is investigating a chemical

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